echavarria1Dr. Juan Manuel Echevarría Roman

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Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria.

Delg. Coyoacán. C.P. 04510

Mexico City.

Tel. +(52) (55) 5622-3921

Cubícle: 203

Graduated from the Faculty of Sciences of UNAM, Dr. Echevarria obtained his doctorate in 1983 at the University of Sussex, England. After finishing his doctorate, he returned to the Institute of Astronomy as Senior Researcher level "A" and since 2010 he is Senior Researcher level "C". From his return to Mexico and joining the headquarters in Ensenada, he worked for 13 years to consolidate the fledgling research group of that time and place, particularly in the area of instrumentation and computing, and implemented a new camera for the Echellle spectrograph, and the automation of the pulse counting photometers. Contributed to the creation of the first workstation of the Institute.

His original research includes dozens of refereed articles in international magazines that have earned hundreds of citations. He was President of the Academic Staff College of the IA, University Advisor, Owner and several times member of the Inner Council. SNI member of Level II and Level C of the “Pride”.

The leadership of Dr. Echevarria led first to the formation of a new group of binary interactive research, which have left nearly 100 publications; secondly, his coordination of the Siege campaigns and his articles on the atmospheric image quality of San Pedro Mártir, which have confirmed that the Observatory is among the top four places in the world, and thirdly, his work as project manager for manufacturing an optical spectrograph of medium spectral resolution, in which are involved about ten researchers and a similar number of academic technicians, and fourth, the trust his peers have put in him as Chief of the Stars and Interstellar Material department.

In the field of teaching, he has taught course in the Faculty of Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California and the Faculty of Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and has taught a large number of undergraduate and graduate courses. He has also directed several professional theses. Note that several of his students now are also Senior researchers in Ensenada.

Dr. Echevarria was worthy of the first edition of Distinción Universidad Nacional recognition for Young Academics in the Research area of Exact Sciences, which our Leading Academic Institution first awarded in 1989.



Stellar Astrophysics, cataclysmic variables.




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