Academic Technician

floresJ.Daniel Flores Gutiérrez

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Circuito Exterior s/n, Ciudad Universitaria.

Delg. Coyoacán. C.P. 04510

Mexico City.

Tel. +(52) (55) 5622-3947

Cubicle: 257


He is in charge of the Year Book of the National Astronomical Observatory and works calculating astronomical anniversaries, planet movement, and Middle American and Meteoritic astronomy.

He is candidate for a PhD for the decision, through several analytic techniques, of the distribution of pre-solar minerals from the Allende meteorite at its core, chondrules and CAIs. He collaborates with work teams on researches about Mexican meteorites, and on the archaeoastronomy field as well as Middle American astronomy on several archeological sites publishing many specialized articles.

He organized different specialized meetings such as: “Legado Astronómico de Nuestros Ancestros” conference, 2010 along with Dr. Margarita Rosado and Dr. José Franco of the Institute of Astronomy, “Origen y Estructura del Sistema Solar” conference, 2009 along with Dr. Susana Alaníz of the Geosciences Centre and Dr. Hector Durand of the Geophysics Institute, and “Cantos de Mesoamérica” along with Rosalba Nieto of the Archeological Studies Direction of the National Institute of Anthropology and History. He has been professor at the FES Acatlán, Science Facutly, and National School of Anthropology. He participated in the project “La Pintura Mural Prehispánica en México” led by Dr. Beatriz de la Fuente, and in Pre-Columbian mural painting courses of the National College. He was a guest editor for the Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geológicas, special section Vol. 27, N° 2: Origins and structure of the Solar System II. Preface.



Archaeoastronomy, anniversaries, astronomical year book, meteoritic and astronomical spreading.


Archaeoastronomy, Astronomy yearbook, Spreading

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