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Important information for foreigners


This is the list of countries and regions that require a visa to enter Mexico.

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Travel Advice


  • - I suggest you first use an ATM, although it's possible taxi cabs accept dollars, this may be the last place where dollars are accepted. You can pay in most established places directly with credit or debit card
  • - At the airport, take a cab. We suggest the yellow cabs (Sitio 300), the module is right outside the security zone. They probably take dollars and will charge you a maximum of $30USD for the trip. In the vending modules credit and debit cars are accepted.
  • - From the airport to any hotel of the list the estimated transit time is 1 hr 30 min during weekdays. During weekends transit time from the hotel to the airport is considerably reduced to approximately 45 minutes.
  • - Almost nothing in Mexico City is within walking distance. The organizers will provide transportation to the venue (if you are staying at the Camino Real & Radisson hotels) and additional activities to all participants. Taxi cabs are always available for additional outings.


In the hotel

  • - Upon your arrival and at the front desk, don't forget to mention the code "APOGEE meeting UNAM" so you can receive the special price.
  • - Breakfast is included daily in the hotel's restaurant.
  • - If you needed a doctor, you can either ask in the hotel front desk or call any member of the LOC to help you out (we will provide you their numbers in a separate document). We have a readily available doctor who has agreed to do hotel calls for $60USD.

Notice: Mexico City is located on a valley at 2.3 km above see level, for a few hours, some normal side effects of height might be: shortness of breath, slight headaches or dizziness (a coke or coffee helps with this last symptoms).


  • - Daily transport from the hotels  to the "Unidad de Seminarios Dr. Ignacio Chávez" will be provided. Guests of:
  • - Camino Real Pedregal - Several vans will be waiting for you at 7:30 AM on THURSDAY 6th and at 8:30 the rest of the days (please ask for additional information at the front desk).
  • - Radisson Paraíso - A bus will be waiting for you at the entrance at 7:30 AM on THURSDAY 6th and at 8:30 the rest of the days. Please try to be punctual. 
  • Buses and vans will return you to the Radisson and Camino Real hotels everyday after extracurricular activities.



  • - Coffee break everyday is included.
  • - In the venue lunch styles will vary daily. 
  • - Dinner is on your own.



  • Outings are designed by the LOC to show you a little more of Mexico City and Ciudad Universitaria.
  • Dinners are planned on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Bills are on you.
  • A guided tour to an exhibition in one of the most important museums in the globe and a concert in one of the world's best music halls in Latinoamerica (at the UNAM) are planned. Assistance is optional (but we very much encourage you to come).

  • Thursday 06th

We'll go to dinner at the restaurant inside UNIVERSUM: UNAM´s Museum of Science, and then we'll make a private tour around some rooms of the museum.

  • 09-18:00 h - APOGEE-2 Meeting
  • 18-20:00 h - Dinner at UNIVERSUM
  • 20-21:30 h - Tour around the UNIVERSUM Museum

  • Friday 07th
  • On Friday, we will have a private tour at 20:00 h through several rooms of the Anthropology Museum (which is located approximately 1:30 hours away), we will have a "box-dinner" in the bus because on Friday the trip to the museum will be a real adventure you can not miss :D.

  • 09-18:00 h - APOGEE-2 Meeting
  • 18-22:00 h - Dinner and tour around the National Anthropology Museum

  • Saturday 08th
  • On Staurday, we will go for dinner at Plaza Cuicuilco, where there are many restaurants specializing in Japanese, Mexican, argentinian food and many more; then we will go the music hall "Sala Nezahualcóyotl" to enjoy a concert by Philharmonic Orchestra of the UNAM (OFUNAM) featuring pieces by Shostakovich, Verdi and Donizetti.

  • 09-18:00 h - APOGEE-2 Meeting
  • 18-19:30 h - Dinner at Cuicuilco
  • 20:00 h - OFUNAM concert

  • Sunday 09th
  • No more extracurricular activities