The Nuclear Region, Host Galaxy and Environment of Active Galaxies

Original art work by Natividad Amador
(Juchitán, Mexico, 2005)

TAXI Information

Once in Huatulco, to go to your Hotel you can choose among the following options:

1) Airport Shuttle Service.
Collective one-way Shuttle (Airport-Hotel) costs $9.5 dollars (usually you have to wait for some extra people for the Shuttle to depart).
Individual one-way Shuttle (Airport-Hotel) costs $35.00 dollars.

2) Through Bahias Plus Travel Agency. 
Special Shuttles.
Your round trip Airport-Hotel-Airport costs $12.00 dollars see or call 01 95858 70932 (Lourdes Ahuja)


Flying to Huatulco

Most international travelers would fly from their destination to Mexico City, with many airline options to major cities of the Globe, and then fly to Huatulco (Destination => Mexico City => Huatulco). 

Mexicana de Aviación offers 3 flights daily from Mexico City with excellent connections from cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Toronto,  and many more.

Schedule of Mexicana flights:

From Mexico City to Huatulco (duration 1:05 hr)

Flight number
MX 7215
MX 7217 12:25 13:30
MX 7219
16:05 17:10

and from Huatulco to Mexico City (duration 1:05hr)

Flight number departure arrival
MX 7214 11:40 12:55
MX 7216 13:55 15:00
MX 7218 17:35 18:50

To reserve flights contact a travel agency or reserve directly with Mexicana at

OJO: Note that Mexicana has offered a 20% discount to attendees, please call 1-800-6316090 E-CONVENTIONS MEXICANA, and provide the code EMEX000B, for our meeting, to get a 20% off on your airfare.

Traveling by Road to Huatulco

You may travel on the Federal Highway Nrs. 95 and 200 from Mexico City via Acapulco to Huatulco (aprox. 940 km) or chose the Super Highway that takes you from Mexico City via Puebla to Oaxaca, and from there via Pochutla or Salina Cruz to Huatulco (aprox. 765 km).

First class bus lines ADO GL and ESTRELLA BLANCA offer one or more daily departures to and from Mexico City, Acapulco, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Tapachula, Veracruz, Puerto Escondido and Pochutla.

City of Huatulco Map

Map of downtown Huatulco (yellow)  and Bays of Santa Cruz (left) and Tangolunda (right). The Hotel GALA Resort is located near the Golf Course.

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