The Nuclear Region, Host Galaxy and Environment of Active Galaxies

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Megan Urry An Overview of the AGN Phenomenon

Vahe Petrosian

Plasma around black holes

Martin Gaskell

Optical variability of Sy galaxies

Esko Valtaoja Blazars Overview

Isabel Marquez

Feedback between host galaxy and nuclear activity

Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann

Observational overview

Jack Sulentic

Our Search for an HR Diagram of Quasars

Yair Krongold

Ionized Outflows in AGNs

Stefanie Komossa

NLS1 galaxies

Manolis Plionis

Active galaxy's environment

Luc Binette

Dust in QSO

Fabrizio Nicastro
Ionized Outflows in AGNs
Paola Marziani BLR in QSO
Judith Perry
Concluding Remarks

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