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Autor Title
Alberto Carraminana Searching high redshift blazars with LMT and GLAST
Alberto Rodriguez-Ardila A NIR Infrared view of the Narrow Line Region of AGNs
Anna Lia Longinotti Statistics of relativistic broadened Fe K-alpha lines in AGN.
Benoit Borguet Quasar host orientation and polarization : insights into the type1/type2 dichotomy
Stefanie Komossa Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 galaxiees
Dominique Sluse Microlensing probes the AGN structure of the lensed quasar J1131-1231
Elena Jimenez-Bailon X-ray properties of a sample of polar-scattered Sy 1 galaxies
Elena Pian INTEGRAL and SWIFT observations of blazars in outburst
Elina Lindfords Observations of blazars with MAGIC Telescope
Francisco Muller-Sanchez Imaging Spectroscopy of the centres of nearby AGN: direct observation of the Torus and the Stellar Dynamical Black Hole Mass in NGC1068.
Guido Risaliti X-ray eclipse of the AGN in NGC 1365: measuring the source size
Isabel Marquez Feedback between host galaxy and nuclear activity
Isabell Gavignaud Powering the faint end slope of AGN luminosity function
Jack Sulentic Our Search for an H-R Diagram of Quasars
Jari Kotilainen Host galaxies of high redshift quasars
Jean-Philippe Lenain Multiwavelength modelling of TeV AGN observed by HESS
Jesus Gonzalez Induced activity in mixed-morphology galaxy pairs
Jochen Heidt OJ 287: a mystery
Jose Gregorio Portilla Near infrared (0.8-2.3 m) forbidden high ionization lines in active galactic nuclei
Jose Ramirez Chandra LETGS spectroscopy of MR 2251-178 and its warm absorber
Esko Valtaoja Blazar Overview
Yair Krongold Warm Absorber Distance from X-ray Variability: The case of NGC4051
Julia Scharwaechter Case studies of interacting QSO host galaxies
Luc Binette Dust and the far-UV break observed in the energy distributions of quasars
Luka Popovic The Broad Emission Lines in AGN: Hidden Disk Emission
M. Angeles Martinez AGN population in Compact Groups Galaxies.
Margarethe Wold Quasar variability and black hole mass
Margarita Rosado Kinematics and dynamics of the M51-type galaxy pair NGC 3893/96
Martin Gaskell What Variability of Non-Blazar AGNs is Telling Us.
Matteo Guainazzi AGN NLRs as X-ray emitters:constraints on environmental gas and host galaxy feedback
Matthias Dietrich High-Redshift Quasars as Early Star Formation Probes
Mauri Valtonen OJ287:a binary black hole system
Megan Urry An Historical Review of Active Galactic Nuclei
Monique Jolly Emission of FeII in AGN
Paola Marziani The Broad Line Region in Quasars
Dawei Xu The NLR of NLS1s
Sascha Tripp Sagittarius A* in the near infrared
Sergio Mendoza A simple accretion model of a rotating gas sphere onto a Schwarzschild black hole
Sinhue Haro The Big Blue Bump and soft X-ray excess of indivudual quasars.
Stefano Bianchi On the Iwasawa effect of radio-quiet AG
Thaisa Storchi-Bergma An Overview of AGN Feeding
Tomi Hyvonen Recent star formation in low redshift BL Lac host galaxies
Vahe Petrosian Plasma around black holes
Vicki Saradejini AGN Surveys Via Optical Variability, X-ray and mid-IR Detection in HST Fields
Zhang Xue Guang How to estimate Virial BH masses of AGN with double-peaked emission lines

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