The Nuclear Region, Host Galaxy and Environment of Active Galaxies
Organized by Instituto de Astronomia, UNAM

Original art work by Natividad Amador
(Juchitán, Mexico, 2005)



Version: 04/17/07

Session I: Wednesday, April 18 2007
"The Central Engine: Variability, BH mass and accretion"

8:00-8:30   J. Franco (IA-Director) and A. Calles (DGAPA-Director):  
"Opening Remarks by UNAM's Representatives"

Chair: I. Cruz-Gonzalez
8:30-9:15    M. Urry (USA) : "Historical Review" (REVIEW)
9:15-9:35    F. Mueller (Germany): "Imaging Spectroscopy of the centers of nearby AGN: direct observation of the Torus and Stellar Dynamical Black Hole Mass in NGC1068"
9:35-9:55    S. Trippe (Germany): "Sagittarius A* in the Near Infrared"
9:55-10:15   X. Zhang (Mexico): "How to estimate Virial BH masses of AGN with double peaked emission lines"

10:15-10:45   Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

10:45-11:30   V. Petrosian (USA): "Plasma around Black Holes" (REVIEW)
M. Wold (Norway)-: "QSO Variability and BH Mass
11:50-12:10   S. Mendoza (Mexico): "A simple accretion model of a rotating gas sphere onto a Schwarzschild black hole"
A. Sillanpaa Finland): "MAGIC and AGNs"
12:30-12:50   M. Valtonen (Finland): "OJ 287: A Binary black hole system"

12:50-14:30   Lunch Break

Chair: J. Sulentic
14:30-15:05  E. Valtaoja (Finland): "Blazars Overview" (INVITED)
15:05-15:25  E. Pian (Italy): "INTEGRAL and SWIFT observations of blazars on outburst"
15:25-15:45  J. P. Lenain (France): "Multiwavelength modeling of TeV AGN observed by HESS"
15:45:16:05  E. Lindfors (Finland): "Observations of blazars with MAGIC telescope"
16:05-16:25  J. Heidt (Germany): "OJ 287: a mystery"

16:25-16:55 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

16:55-17:30  M. Gaskell (USA): "What Variability of Non-Blazar AGNs is Telling Us" (INVITED)
17:30-17:50 G. Risaliti (Italy) : "X-ray Eclipse of the AGN in NGC 1365: measuring the source size"


Session II Thursday, April 19 2007
 "Emission Regions and Circumnuclear Starbursts"

Chair: M. Gaskell
8:30-9:15   J. Sulentic (USA): "Our Search for an H-R Diagram of Quasars"  (REVIEW)
9:15-9:35   M. Joly (France): "Emission of FeII in AGN"
9:35-9:55   A. Longinotti (Spain): "Statistics of relativistic broadened Fe-K alpha lines in AGN"
9:55-10:15  B. Borguet (Belgium): "QSO host orientation and Polarization: insights into the type1/type2 dichotomy"
M. Dietrich (USA): "High-z QSOs as early SF probes"

10:35-11:05 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

11:05-11:40  P. Marziani (Italy): "BLR in QSOs" (INVITED)
11:40-12:00  S. Bianchi (Italy): "On the Iwasawa effect of radio-quiet AGN"
L. Popovic (Serbia & Montenegro): "The Broad Emission Lines in AGN: Hidden Disk Emission"
12:20-12:40  I. Gavignaud (Germany): "Powering the faint end slope of AGN luminosity function"
12:40-13:00  G. Portilla (Colombia): "Near IR (0.8-2.3 um) forbidden high ionization lines in AGN"
13:00-14:30   Lunch Break

Chair: T. Storchi-Bergmann
14:30-15:05   L. Binette (Mexico): "Dust and the far-UV brake observed in the energy distributions of Quasars" (INVITED)
15:05-15:25   J. Ramirez (Germany): "Chandra LETGS spectroscopy of MR 2251-178 and its warm  absorber"
15:25-15:45   V. Sarajedini (USA): "AGN Surveys Via Optical Variability, X-ray, and mid-IR  Detection in HST Fields"
15:45-16:05   D. Sluse (Switzerland): "Microlensing probes the AGN structure of the lensed QSO 1131-1231"

16:05-16:35  Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

16:35-17:10  Y. Krongold: "Ionized Outflows in AGNs" (INVITED)
17:10-17:30  S. Haro-Corzo (Mexico): "The Big Blue Bump and soft X-ray excess of individual QSOs"
17:30-17:50  E. Jimenez-Bailon (Spain): "X-ray properties of a sample of polar-scattered Seyfert galaxies"
A. Carramiñana (Mexico): "Searching high redshift blazars with LMT and GLAST"
19:30-24:30  Symposium Dinner


Session III  Friday, April 20
"Influence of the Host Galaxy and of the Environment"

Chair: M. Urry
9:00-9:35    T. Storchi-Bergmann (Brazil): "An Overview of AGN Feeding"  (INVITED)
S. Komossa (Germany): "Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies" (INVITED)
M. Guainazzi (Spain): "AGN NLRs as X-ray emitters: constraints on environmental gas and host galaxy feedback"A.

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

11:00-11:20   D. Xu (China): "The NLR in NLS1"
11:20-11:40    A. Rodriguez-Ardila (Brazil): "A NIR view of the Narrow Line Region of AGN"
M. Rosado (Mexico): "Kinematics and dynamics of the M51-type galaxy pair NGC3893/96"
I. Marquez (Spain): "Feedback between host galaxy and nuclear activity" (INVITED)
12:35-14:30  Lunch Break

Chair: L. Binette
14:30-14:50  J. Scharwaechter (Chile): "Case studies of interacting QSO host galaxies"
14:50-15:10  I. Pronik (M. Gaskell): "Investigation of forbidden line variability n the Seyfert galaxy nuclei at Crimean Observatory in 19970-2006"
15:10-15:30  J. Kotilainen (Finland): "Host Galaxies of High-z QSOs
T. Hyvonen (Finland): "Recent star formation in low-z BL Lac host galaxies"
A. Martinez (Spain): "AGN population in Compact Group Galaxies"
16:10-16:30  J. Gonzalez (Mexico): "Induced activity in mixed-morphology galaxy pairs"
16:30-17:00 J. Perry (UK): "Concluding remarks" (INVITED)

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