The Nuclear Region, Host Galaxy and Environment of Active Galaxies

Original art work by Natividad Amador
(Juchitán, Mexico, 2005)


The conference will take place in Huatulco, a wonderful beach town in the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The Bays of Huatulco are located on the Oaxacan coast, at the feet of the Sierra Madre del Sur. They stretch out along 35 km of Pacific coastline between the Coyula and Copalita rivers. Huatulco is Mexico´s southernmost beach destination, located on the Pacific coast, in the State of Oaxaca, at the feet of the imposing Sierra Madre del Sur.  The 9 bays with 36 beaches stretch out along 35 km of winding coastline. Given the geographical location of the Bays of Huatulco, its spectacular topography includes high mountains, gentle slopes and hidden valleys, irrigated by the Coyula, San Agustin and Copalita rivers, which results in spectacular shades of emerald landscapes and nine azure bays and golden beaches. Weather is just perfect most of the year, annual average temperature of 28 C with a minimum in Winter of 18 C.

Huatulco is the 5th integrated resort developed by FONATUR and consists of a territory of 21,000 hectares, a strip of shoreline 35 km long and 7 km wide. The 9 bays of Huatulco are impressive and worth visiting:  Santa Cruz, Tangolunda, Chahue, Cacaluta, Chachacual, Conejos, Organo and Maguey, Riscalillo and San Agustin.

Santa Cruz bay

One of the most attractive bays in the tourist complex is Santa Cruz with a length of 525 meters , soft incline, white sand, and tepid water. It has tours in tourist boats, renting of jetskies, renting of free diving (snorkel), beach – clothing stands, specialized restaurants with the best fish and seafood and a dock with boats that leave everyday to the different bays. At the dock has a capacity of 3 cruisers at the time which makes Santa Cruz an important, developing, tourist place.


Tangolunda bay

The high density hotels are in its 243 acres . There are also malls and a professional golf course of 18 holes inside an area of 78 acres . There are also some areas assigned for housing.

Chahue bay

Here you will find a lot of high class tourist services, such as 4 stars hotels, local food restaurants (Oaxacan, Mexican and international food). Its beautiful beaches offer an amazing tropical vegetation and interesting rock formations. In this bay there have been several important rock concerts in order to sport the preservation of the environment.


Cacaluta Bay

This bay has a grand natural ecological and recreational value. To get there it is recommended to go by boat in one of their small boats that leave from Santa Cruz beach.


Chachacual Bay

This bay is an ecological reserve ( in the national park) with a jungle vegetation and mangrove swamp with species like acacia, ficus, and mangrove.


Conejos bays

This is the firs bay on the west side on the tourist complex. It is possible to get there in the boats that depart from Santa Cruz or through the paved road to Salina Cruz. The four beaches of the bay are perfect for swimming, diving and fishing.


Organo and Maguey Bays

These are two bays that are side by side. Two beaches are there, Organo and Maguey in both of them the sand is white and with a fine granulation. We recommend this beach for people looking for tranquility and any water sport.


Riscalillo Bay

It has a white and fine sand beach with a moderated incline. The water has green and blue colors, low waves and little deepness.


San Agustin Bay

This is the last of the nine bays in the tourist complex. It is located on the west side its access is possible through the dirt road in the interjection to Santa Maria Huatulco (13 Km) ), or by boat from Santa Cruz Beach. There are a lot of coral reef barriers that make this place excellent for diving.


Web pages containing tourist information:  (in Spanish) (in Spanish, English and French) (maps, nice movies at click)  (lots of information)

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