The Nuclear Region, Host Galaxy and Environment of Active Galaxies

Original art work by Natividad Amador
(Juchitán, Mexico, 2005)


Mexico's Inmigration Department Web page in english at

Countries that do not require a visa listed at

Countries that require a visa (FM3) listed at

Requirements for individuals from these latter countries attending a conference are described in

If you NEED a VISA TO ENTER MEXICO please send before JANUARY 15th the following documents in PDF format to Raul Mujica (  with a copy to Victoriano Hernandez (,  or by fax (+52-55-56160653)  to the latter:

  1. Copy of the full passport  (INCLUDING EMPTY PAGES)
  2. An updated CV
  3. Certificate of your highest academic degree
  4. The location of the Mexican Consulate/Embassy where you will document

Note that in some countries you need to apply 3 months in advance. If you need additional information please contact Raul Mujica (

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