High Energy Views of Galaxies and their Nuclei
A symposium to celebrate the 60th birthday of
Martin Elvis & Pepi Fabbiano 



60 th birthdays
Martin & Pepi
First Announcements

Codice MayaDear colleague, this is the year of Martin Elvis and Giuseppina Fabbiano's 60th birthday. To celebrate this special occasion, we are pleased to announce the conference "High Energy Views of Galaxies and their Nuclei: A symposium to celebrate the 60th birthday of Martin Elvis & Giuseppina Fabbiano" High Energy processes in galaxies and their active nuclei are closely linked.

Similar physical processes take place in compact accreting objects in galaxies and in AGNs, albeit on different scales. Their observational similarities and differences provide us with insights on the details of the physical processes. The nature of a galaxy may affect the growth of its nuclear black hole and the presence of an AGN affects the galaxy as well, with inflow, outflow, ionizing radiation and jets. We will explore the intimate relationship between a galaxy and its active nucleus at this meeting.

The conference will be held in Tulum, Mexico, a beautiful beach town in the Mexican Caribbean on November 8 to 11, 2011. For further information and registration, please refer to the workshop website at:


The DEADLINE for registration is August 15, 2011.

The workshop will have contributed talks and posters, but no invited talks. We look forward to see you in Tulum to celebrate Martin and Pepi's work. Please forward this message to anyone you think might be interested.


The hotel hosting the meeting will be the exclusive Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa. This is an all inclusive resort, located in a beautiful private beach, close to the stunning Mayan ruins of Tulum, in the Mexican Caribbean.

Detailed information can be obtained in http://www.dreamsresorts.com/dretu/

The hotel will provide special rates for the participants. The rate will be $175 US dollars per person in single occupancy, and $115 US dollars per person in double occupancy. Please reserve your rooms before September 15, 2011.

Registration Fee:

The registration fee is $200 (US Dlls.) and will cover the conference costs, and a social dinner for Martin and Pepi.

Special Activities: There will be a number of special activities that include a visit to the beautiful Mayan ruins of Tulum, a visit to the eco-park of Xel-Ha, and visits to the turquoise colored water Cenotes in the region (sinkholes which connect subterranean water bodies that are located inside the jungle that used to play an important role in the Mayan rite).

Additional opportunities for scuba diving will be open on demand. The Yucatan peninsula is part of the Great Mayan Barrier Reef, the second largest in the world. The reefs of the Caribbean Sea, with a water temperature ranging from 79°F and 84°f offer some of the most spectacular and exciting diving opportunities in the world. Yucatan also offers the unforgettable experience of diving in the crystal clear water of the cenotes.


Roger Davies, Andrew King, Andreas Zezas, Jay Gallagher, Ginevra Trinchieri, Alice Shapley, Nick Scoville, Meg Urry, Andy Lawrence, Guido Risaliti, Smita Mathur (chair), Yair Krongold (cochair)

LOC: Elena Jimenez-Bailon, Irene Cruz-Gonzalez, Alfredo Diaz, Francisco Hernandez-Ibarra, Erendira Huerta, Monica Lozada, Sandro Mendoza, Yair Krongold (cochair).


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