Annie Robin (O. Besançon, France) 


Luis Aguilar (UNAM/ Mexico):  Basic Hamiltonian Theory.


Daniel Carpintero (La Plata/Argentina): Chaos vs. Regularity, how to classify an orbit.


Francesca Figueras (U. of Barcelona/Spain): Gaia & Apogee, 2 machines for unveiling the secrets of the galactic disc.


Daisuke Kawata (UCL/UK): SPH modeling of the Milky Way Disc.


Paul McMillan (Oxford/UK): Actions, Angles & Approximation.


Barbara Pichardo (UNAM/Mexico): Orbital Dynamics induced by Non-axisymmetric Structures.


Justin Read (U. of Surrey/UK): Constraining the Potential of the Galaxy.


Octavio Valenzuela (UNAM/Mexico): N-Body modeling of the Milky Way Disc.