The school will consist of morning lectures and afternoon computer lab sessions.


The lecturers will present their material in a coordinated way, teaching the basic concepts behind the methods, techniques and tools covered in the school. The lecture sessions will be split in short 45-minute sessions, with plenty of time for the students to interact with the lecturers. During the afternoon sessions, the lecturers will introduce numerical exercises designed to illustrate in a "hands-on" fashion the material covered in the lectures. Towards the middle of the school, the students are expected to choose, or propose a project to develop. The last day of the school will be in a "simposium" format, with the teams of students presenting their project results.

A core of databases, codes and numerical tools will be available to download by the students prior to the start of the school. This is so that the students can install and run verification examples to make sure they have everything ready when they arrive for the school.

Every student is expected to bring his/her own laptop, with all the numerical tools that will be indicated later on. Free WiFi with access to the internet will be provided in the classroom and all work areas.

The school runs for 10 days, so that the students have time to develop their projects.