Matteo Cantiello, KITP/UCS    Theory of evolution and death of massive stars

Andrew Cumming, McGill,      Theory of accreting neutron stars

Magda Gonzalez, UNAM,         Ultra-high energy observatories 

Vicky Kaspi, McGill,                 Observations of isolated neutron stars

Pawan Kumar, UT-Austin,        Gamma-ray bursts: emission processes and progenitors

Cole Miller, Maryland,              Theory of gravitational waves and methods of detection

Jose Pons, Alicante,                 Neutron star magnetic fields: from magnetars to anti-magnetars

Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, UCSC,    Gamma-ray bursts: progenitor theory

Jocelyn Read, California State,  Gravitational wave source modelling and data analysis

Sanjay Reddy, Washington,       Structure of neutron stars

Luciano Rezzolla, AEI/MPG,     Theoretical modelling of gravitational waves sources

Alicia Soderberg, Harvard CfA,  Observations of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts

Rudy Wijnands, Amsterdam,     Observations of binary systems