FIRST WEEK (Jan. 13-17):

Compact Objects:

1) Observations of isolated neutron stars.

      Lecturer: Vicky Kaspi

2) Observations of binary systems.

      Lecturer: Rudy Wijnands

3) Structure of Neutron Stars.

      Lecturer: Sanjay Reddy

Massive Stars:

4) Observations of supernovae and gamma-ray bursts.

      Lecturer: Alicia Soderberg

5) Theory of evolution and death of massive stars.

      Lecturer: Matteo Cantiello

Gravitational Waves:

6) Theory of gravitational waves and methods of detection.

      Lecturer: Cole Miller


SECOND WEEK (Jan. 20-23):

Neutron stars:

1) From magnetars to anti-magnetars.

      Lecturer: José Pons

2) Accreting neutron stars.

      Lecturer: Andrew Cumming

Gamma-Ray Bursts:

3) Emission processes, progenitors.

      Lecturer: Pawan Kumar

4) Progenitors theory.

      Lecturer: Enrico Ramírez-Ruiz

Gravitational Waves:

5) Theoretical modelling of sources of gravitational waves.

      Lecturer: Luciano Rezzolla

6) Source modelling and data analysis, equation of state.

      Lecturer: Jocelyn Read

Ultra-high energies 

7) HAWC, HESS; Veritas, Magic.

      Lecturer: Magda González