Workshop on
Clumping in Hot-Star Winds

18. - 22. June 2007

Venue: Potsdam, Germany

Stellar winds from hot stars are not homogeneous, spherically symmetric
or stationary. There are multiple lines of evidence for "wind clumping", coming from

- spectroscopy
- multi-wavelength studies
- polarimetry
- variability
- stellar ejecta
- X-rays
- hydrodynamic modeling

No consistent understanding exists yet about the physics, geometry and parameters of the wind clumping. The urgent interest in this problem is boosted by its far-reaching implications. Most important, all techniques
to derive empirical mass-loss rates are more or less corrupted by wind clumping. Consequently, mass-loss rates are extremely uncertain. Within this range of uncertainty, completely different scenarios for the
evolution of massive stars are obtained. Settling these questions for Galactic OB,
LBV and Wolf-Rayet stars is prerequisite to understanding stellar clusters and galaxies, or predicting the properties of first-generation stars.

Wind clumping is under investigation from various observational and theoretical approaches. When combining all different pieces of information, it should be possible to obtain a picture that unifies the
empirical manifestations with a theoretical understanding of inhomogeneous stellar winds.

The intention of the workshop is to bring together all experts in the field, in order to develop such a consistent picture and understanding of clumped stellar winds
during one week of extensive exchange and

The workshop will concentrate on oral presentations and extended discussions. Only very few posters can be accepted. The capacity of the workshop is limited to 50 participants. Pre-registration is open from now onwards. Please send an email to:,
stating your

- Name
- Affiliation
- Tentative subject of intended talk