First Stars III

July 16-20, 2007

Venue: Santa Fe, NM, USA

First Stars III is the third in a series of international conferences to bring together experts in the related fields studying the physics of formation, life and death of the earliest stars and their impact on subsequent structure formation and chemical evolution of the Universe.

In 1999, a three day workshop entitled "The First Stars" was a joint ESO/MPA/MPE conference held in Garching, Germany. First Stars II was hosted by the department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Pennsylvania State University at State College Pennsylvania in 2003. First Stars III is hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratory, and will be held in Santa Fe, July 16-20, 2007 (reception on July 15).

In the eight years since the first workshop much has been learned about primordial stars theoretically and many more observational constraints have been found. With a view towards ongoing programs to connect the chemical yields of the first stars directly to observational evidence in the local universe, First Stars III will have an additional focus on the physics of the first explosions.


* Formation and IMF of the first stars
* Stellar evolution and explosions at very low metallicities
* Feedback from the first stars and galaxies and its influence on structure formation
* Star formation at very low metallicities
* High redshift Gamma Ray Bursts and quasars
* Nucleosynthesis in metal-free and metal-poor stars
* Early feedback processes: ionization and IGM abundance patterns
* Searches for Pop. III and very low metallicity stars and observed abundance patterns


Timothy Beers (Michigan State), Benedetta Ciardi (MPA), Richard Ellis (CalTech), Chris Fryer (LANL), Thomas Janka (MPA), John Lattanzio (Monash), Norbert Langer (Utrecht), Piero Madau (UCSC), Chris McKee (Berkeley), Ken Nomoto (U. Tokyo), Michael Norman (UCSD), Jeremiah Ostriker (Princeton), Max Pettini (Cambridge), Francesca Primas (ESO), Yong-Zhong Qian (U. Minn), Joe Silk (Oxford), Chris Sneden (U Texas), Jim Truran (Chicago), Masayuki Umemura (U. Tsukuba), Kim Venn (U. Victoria), Achim Weiss (MPA), Simon White (MPA), Stan Woosley (UCSC), Naoki Yoshida (U. Nagoya)