IAU Symposium 250: Massive Stars as Cosmic Engines

10-14 December 2007

Venue: Kauai, Hawaii

IAU Symposium 250 will focus on how massive stars shape the Universe, from the nearby Universe to high-redshift galaxies and the first generation of stars. The key astrophysical problems for the symposium are:

Atmospheres of massive stars;
Physics and evolution of massive stars;
Massive stellar populations in the nearby Universe;
Hydrodynamics and feedback from massive stars in galaxy evolution;
Massive stars as probes of the early Universe.

Confirmed review speakers include Andre Maeder, Joachim Puls, Paul Crowther, Stan Owocki, Phil Massey, Tony Mofffat, Georges Meynet, Norbert Langer, Adam Burrows, Andrew MacFadyen, Bryan Gaensler, Raphael Hirschi, Don Figer, Fabio Bresolin, Eva Grebel, Rolf Kudritzki, Rosa Gonzalez-Delgado, You-Hua Chu, Mike Dopita, Francesca Matteucci, Max Pettini,Yoshi Taniguchi, Johan Fynbo, Volker Bromm, Sandro D'Odorico.

Weblink: http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/iau250

Email: Paul.Crowther@sheffield.ac.uk