Massive Stars: A Lifetime of Influence

October 13-15

Venue: Lowell Observatory

Massive stars are extremely rare, due both to their short lifetimes and the exponential nature of the initial mass function. Yet, they exert a disproportionate influence over their environments during their lifetimes. Lowell Observatory is proud to host the workshop "Massive Stars: A Lifetime of Influence", honoring the scientific achievements of Peter S. Conti, who has had a lifetime of influence on the field of massive star research. Our 3-day workshop will be devoted roughly half to invited review talks and half to contributed talks, with space for poster presentations. Sessions will include unevolved massive stars (OBs), evolved massive stars (WRs, LBVs, RSGs), massive stars in starbursts, young massive stars, and broader topics. Space is limited, and pre-registration is required; it will remain open until May 15th. Please visit our website at
for more information.