High Energy Phenomena in Massive Stars

2-5 Feb. 2009

Venue: Jae'n, Spain

Massive stars are known to be sources of very high energy photons, which we conventionally define here as being more energetic than the electron's rest mass. This meeting is mainly devoted to our understanding of massive stars in this energy domain that broadly overlaps with gamma-rays. A new generation of gamma-ray satellites and Cherenkov telescopes is currently providing a great wealth of data in connection with massive stars, thus making a dedicated meeting timely and necessary. Other wavelength domains will also be covered to the extent relevant to understanding very high-energy emission.

The range of astrophysical topics to be covered include:
* Particle acceleration in massive stars.
* Gamma-ray production mechanisms in massive binaries with a compact companion.
* The stellar wind connection and feedback effects.
* Gamma-rays in massive star-forming regions.
* Non-thermal radio emission in massive gamma-ray emitting stars.
* Gamma-rays from isolated and binary massive stars.
* Gamma-rays from dying and fossil massive stars.
* The new generation of gamma-ray telescopes and future perspectives for massive stars.

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Email: mstars09@ujaen.es