Binaries Key to Comprehension of the Universe

8 to 12 June 2009

Venue: Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Masaryk University foundation and International Year of Astronomy a conference will be held from 8 to 12 June, 2009 in the estates of Masaryk University in the Moravian city Brno, Czech Republic.

Binary Star Formation and Evolution
Chemically Peculiar Binaries, Active Binaries, Colliding Winds
Binaries with Intrinsically Variable Components
Low-Mass Components (Brown Dwarfs, Giant Planets)
X-Ray Binaries, Compact Objects in Binaries
Binaries in Clusters, Extragalactic Binaries
Astrometric Binaries, Resolved Binaries
Modern Data Acquisition Methods (Surveys, RVs, Instrumentation)
Calibrations, Distances, Astrophysical EB Laboratories
Modeling Techniques and New Approaches to Solving the Inverse Problem

Bisikalo:CV hydrodynamics
Bonanos:Extragalactic/high-mass binaries
Burgasser:Low-mass binaries/brown dwarfs
Eggleton:Binary/multiple star formation and evolution
Guinan:Review of novel EB approaches/results
Hubrig:CP binaries
Mkrtichian:Intrinsically variable components
Pavlovski/Hensberge:Spectroscopic analysis II (critical analysis, classification, applications)
Piirola:Polarimetric analysis
Rauw/Pols:Evolution and colliding winds in massive binaries
Rucinski:Spectroscopic analysis I (DDO, broadening)
Tokovinin:Instrumentation and missions in the 21st Century
van den Berg/Cherepashchuk:X-ray binaries
Wilson/Van Hamme:Modeling in the 21st Century