39th Liège International Astrophysical Colloquium: The Multi-Wavelength
View of Hot, Massive Stars

5 - 9 July 2010

Venue: Liège, Belgium

First Announcement
39th Liège International Astrophysical Colloquium: The Multi-Wavelength
View of Hot, Massive Stars
Liège, 5 - 9 July 2010


E-mail: liac2010@misc.ulg.ac.be

With the advent of new, high-performance, ground-based and space-borne
facilities, the multi-wavelength investigation of massive stars has definitely been transformed over the last decade. It is indeed nowadays possible to study these objects in all wavelength regions, all the way from radio to gamma-rays. The aim of this four and a half day meeting, which will be organized in the well-known series of the Liège astrophysical colloquia, is to bring together astrophysicists from different backgrounds to discuss how this multi-wavelength approach is revolutionizing our view of massive stars and their surroundings in our Galaxy and beyond.

The colloquium will include five thematic sessions:
* massive star formation, confronting theory and observation
* evolution and interaction of massive stars with their environment
* stellar winds, diagnostics across the electromagnetic spectrum
* massive binaries: interaction and evolution
* future instrumentation and its application to massive star research

Invited reviews will be presented on the following topics:
- Long-wavelength (mid-IR to mm) studies of massive star formation
(Henrik Beuther, Heidelberg)
- The multi-wavelength view of massive star formation in massive
clusters (Hans Zinnecker, Potsdam, TBC)
- Feedback from massive YSOs and massive main-sequence stars (You Hua
Chu, Urbana-Champaign)
- Circumstellar Matter around evolved massive stars (Nathan Smith,
Berkeley, TBC)
- Evolution of single massive stars with special emphasis on the LBV
and RSG phase (André Maeder, Genève)
- Theory of stellar winds (Stan Owocki, Delaware, TBC)
- Radio observations of massive stars (Ronny Blomme, Brussels)
- X-rays, clumping and wind structures (Lida Oskinova, Potsdam)
- UV, optical and near-IR diagnostics of massive stars (Fabrice
Martins, Montpellier)
- Theoretical models of interacting winds in massive binaries (Julian
Pittard, Leeds)
- Results of the 2009 multi-wavelength campaign on eta Carinae (Mike
Corcoran, GSFC)
- Results of the 2009 multi-wavelength campaign on WR140 (Peredur
Williams, Edinburgh)
- Signatures of binary evolution processes in massive stars (Dany
Vanbeveren, Brussels)
- Massive Star Research within the ELT era (Chris Evans, Edinburgh)

The proceedings of the conference will be published electronically
as a special issue of the bulletin of the Liège Royale Scientific
Society http://www.srsl-ulg.net/ which is an open-access, refereed

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Ronny Blomme (Royal Observatory Belgium)
Rosie Chen (University of Virginia)
Michaël De Becker (Université de Liège)
Alex Fullerton (STScI)
Doug Gies (Georgia State University)
Eric Gosset (Université de Liège)
Damien Hutsemékers (Université de Liège)
Yaël Nazé (Université de Liège)
Gregor Rauw - co-chair (Université de Liège)
Gustavo Romero (Universidad de La Plata)
Dany Vanbeveren (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Peredur Williams - chair (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)

Local Organizing Committee:
Denise Caro, Michaël De Becker, Alain Detal, Eric Gosset, Damien
Hutsemékers, Thierry Morel, Yaël Nazé, Gregor Rauw, Jean-Pierre Swings,
Jean-Marie Vreux

Conference Milestones:
1 October 2009: First announcement, pre-registration opens
1 February 2010: Second announcement, registration opens
15 March 2010: Abstract submission deadline
15 April 2010: Announcement of the selection of contributed talks and
15 May 2010: Deadline for early registration
15 June 2010: Conference registration closes
5 July 2010 : Conference starts
1 October 2010 : Deadline for contributions to the conference proceedings

Additional information can be found on the web page of the conference:


We look forward to seeing you in Liège,

Peredur Williams and Gregor Rauw on behalf of the SOC

Weblink: http://www.ago.ulg.ac.be/PeM/Coll/Liac39/

Email: liac2010@misc.ulg.ac.be