IAU Symposium 272 Active OB stars: tructure, evolution, mass loss and critical limits

July 19 - 23, 2010

Venue: Paris, France

The IAU Symposium 272 will concentrate on physical processes related to active OB stars. These massive stars display strong variability on various time scales due to such phenomena as mass outflows, rapid rotation, pulsations, magnetism, binarity, radiative instabilities, and the influence of their circumstellar environment. This concerns in particular Be, Bp, beta Cep, Slowly Pulsating B Stars (SPB), B[e] and O stars, as well as massive binaries such as the Be X-ray binaries and those that harbor O-type subdwarf companions.

The Symposium will cover the topics of internal structure, evolution, and circumstellar environment of active OB stars. It will also consider the populations of active massive stars and their role either as extreme condition test beds or as calibrators.

Weblink: http://iaus272.obspm.fr/

Email: web.wgms@googlemail.com