The Mass Loss Return from Stars to Galaxies

March 28 - 30, 2012

Venue: Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD, USA

In this small workshop of about 60 participants, we will discuss the topic of mass-loss return to galaxies and the resulting dust and metal enrichment process. The workshop will be about 2.5 days and involve talks and audience wide discussions. We have plenty of room for contributed talks and posters. As the title suggests, the focus of our workshop is four areas:

1) The parameterizations of mass-loss rates and their basis in fact for both massive stars and intermediate mass stars.

2) The variations in mass loss due to quiescent/smooth, eruptive/episodic, or explosive processes and to the effects of binary companions.

3) How these parameterizations affect both theoretical modeling of stellar evolution and estimates for mass-loss return to galaxies from stellar populations.

4) The composition in dust, metals and total gas of the ejecta and how these are incorporated into dust and chemical evolution of galaxies.