X-ray Astrophysics of Hot Massive Stars

02 Aug - 10 Aug 2014

Venue: Moscow, Russia

New generation of X-ray telescopes allowed important development in the astrophysics of hot massive stars. While some questions about X-ray emission from massive stars have been answered, there are unexpected findings pointing out that our picture of stellar winds is not yet complete. High-resolution spectroscopy, time monitoring, and detailed imaging in X-rays allow to probe stellar atmospheres, magnetospheres, and stellar winds and their impact on interstellar medium and galactic ecology. The most important progress made from the X-ray studies of Wolf-Rayet, O, B, and A-type stars and massive star clusters will be reviewed and the opportunities presented by new facilities will be discussed during this 2 day Scientific event E.3, which will be part of the 40th COSPAR Scientific assembly.

The abstract submission, registration, and visa support is via main COSPAR web-site.
Please contact E3 event organizers in case of questions regarding this event.

Weblink: https://www.cospar-assembly.org/

Email: lida@astro.physik.uni-potsdam.de