Next Massive Stars Meeting: OC announcement

late 2016 - 2017

Venue: New Zealand

Recently the Massive Stars Working Group Organizing Committee evaluated the
different proposals for the next Massive Stars Meeting and agreed to select the
proposal presented by John Eldridge (University of Auckland).

The next Massive Stars Meeting will thus be held in New Zealand, in a date
between late 2016 and december 2017 that will be decided later.

The decision was very difficult, as seven different proposals were presented.
The OC wishes to thank all proponents for their interest and efforts (in view of the
difficult decision, the OC had to ask for additional information that proponents
had to prepare).

Participation in the discussions about the next Massive Stars Meetings
constituted the last contribution of Joachim Puls to the OC.
Joachim Puls has been OC member for six years, chaired the committee in 2011-13
and was member-at-large in 2014. The OC wants to thank him for his dedication
to the massive stars community over all these years.