Stellar Behemoths: Red Supergiants Across the Local Universe

Aug 3-5, 2015

Venue: Honolulu, USA

Despite their significance in the massive star life-cycle, Red Supergiants are arguably the least well-understood class of massive stars. This is largely due to historical reasons: massive star research has tended to focus on hot stars, such as O stars and Wolf-Rayets. At the 2015 IAU-GA we aim to bring together the leading researchers in the fields of massive stars, cool stars, and supernovae, to discuss the latest observational and theoretical advances, and to encourage and stimulate further cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Topics to be discussed at the meeting:

* The evolution of massive stars
* The physics of cool stellar atmospheres, and quantitative spectroscopy
* Spatially resolved observations of cool stars
* Simulations and observations of stellar convection
* Mass-loss processes in cool stars
* The progenitors of supernovae