Be stars in X-ray binaries 2017

11 - 13 Sept 2017

Venue: Heraklion, Crete

On the line of the previous workshops (BeXRB 2011 and BeXRB 2014), a new meeting will take place in Heraklion on 11-13 September 2017.

Be stars, Be disks & models in the context of explaining the BeXRB phenomenon.

Phenomenology of BeXRB transient outbursts in the X-ray domain (normal vs giant, pre-flares, complex shaped outbursts, pulse profiles ...).

Observations in other wavebands and their implications.

BeXRBs in external galaxies compared to the Milky Way population.

The high-energy gamma-ray connection (LS I +61 303, HESS J0632+057 & PSR B1259-63)

Transient outbursts as laboratories of accretion physics.

BeXRBs with Black Hole or White Dwarf companions.