The Supernova-Supernova Remnant Connection

11 January 2019

Venue: The Geological Society, Burlington House, London, UK

The vast majority of supernovae explode in distant galaxies where resolving details of their structure, circumstellar environments and chemistry is challenging. In contrast, there are a number of nearby supernova remnants whose complex properties can be well understood from detailed, spatially resolved observations. By understanding the evolution of supernovae from their outburst to their nebular phase to that of supernova remnants, we can use the high-quality observations of supernova remnants in our local environment to better understand the physics of supernovae.

The aim of this conference is to bring together experts in supernovae at all stages of their evolution to discuss how our detailed observations of supernova remnants can inform our understanding of supernova physics. We will discuss a range of subjects including dust formation in SNe, SN morphologies and progenitor systems. The meeting will include a number of invited and contributed talks. Confirmed invited speakers include Dan Milisavljevic, Thomas Janka and Haley Gomez.