Postdoctoral Position at Royal Observatory of Belgium

Ronny Blomme

Royal Observatory of Belgium
Ringlaan 3
B-1180 Brussel

Applications are invited for a postdoctoral research position at the
Royal Observatory of Belgium. The successful applicant will start on
2009 January 1, or as soon as possible thereafter.

The successful candidate will work with Dr. Ronny Blomme on the subject of
colliding winds in massive binary systems. He/she will interpret available
optical spectra, as well as X-ray and radio data. He/she will theoretically
model the spectra, and the X-ray and radio data, as well as their variation
as a function of orbital phase. Applicants should have experience in at least
some of the subjects relevant to this project (i.e. binaries, analysis of
spectra, radiative transfer, high-energy physics, hydrodynamics, ...).

Applicants must have, or be about to obtain, a PhD in astrophysics.
The position is for a duration of 2 years, with a possible extension
of a further 2 years.

The position will remain open until filled, but applications received
by November 30 will receive first consideration. Applicants should send a full
curriculum vitae, statement of research interest and complete bibliography to:
Ronny Blomme, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Ringlaan 3, B-1180 Brussel, Belgium. The contact details of two possible referees should be added.

Attention/Comments: For further information: contact R. Blomme on the above address, or via:
Tel: +32 2 3730284; Fax: +32 2 3749822; E-mail:



Deadline: 30 November 2008, or until filled