PhD position in Massive Star Evolution

Georges Meynet

Geneva Observatory, Geneva University
CH-1290 Versoix

The phD work is planned to last for four years.

Among possible subjects are the following topics

Massive star formation with accretion

Aim: to explore the physical processes occurring during the pre-Main Sequence
evolution of massive stars, to study how the axial rotation evolves during this phase, to suggest observations for constraining the models.

Massive star evolution with magnetic fields

Aim: to study the effects of the magnetic fields on the transport mechanisms
in stellar interiors, the magnetic braking. Link with the observations of
magnetic fields in massive stars, with the rotation rates and magnetic fields
of pulsars, with the progenitors of long Gamma Ray Bursts.

Candidates are requested to submit

-a Curriculum Vitae

-a brief letter indicating the fields of interests in astrophysics

- the names of two persons who agree to write a letter of reference

Some knowledge in stellar physics and in computer programming is an advantage.

For full consideration, applications must be
received by 31 January 2009.

The position is available from the 1 April 2010.