Two Ph.D. positions

Georges Meynet

Astronomical Observatory of Geneva University

The Geneva Observatory invites applications for two PhD positions in the stellar evolution group led by Prof. Georges Meynet.

The themes of the research in the group are stellar physics, non standard mixing processes in stars, massive star evolution, first stars, population of stars in galaxies, nucleosynthesis, progenitors of core-collapse supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts, and asteroseismology. The group uses stellar evolution codes, population synthesis codes, modeling of stellar spectra, and predictions of asteroseismic observables to address topical questions in the above themes.

The group would like to take the opportunity of these two Ph.D positions to expand its research activities along the two directions below:

1) The modeling of close binary massive stars in order to study the formation of systems containing compact objects such as neutron stars and particularly black holes. The goal of the project is to investigate the origin of compact object spin, and how it is connected to the different physical processes taking place in the evolution of close binary massive stars, progenitors of compact object binaries.

2) The development of new models for the first stellar generations in the Universe, in particular studying the impact of rotation and magnetic fields on the expected nucleosynthesis of these objects and obtaining better diagnostics for identifying the presence of these first stellar generations in high redshift galaxies.

The starting date of both positions is as early as April 1st 2014, but later starting dates are possible. The salary scale is attractive (starting at CHF 50 000) and funding is available for up to 4 years.

The interested candidates are invited to send to Georges Meynet ( the following documents:
1) A motivation letter
2) A brief (1-2 pages) CV
3) At least two recommendation letters (one from the master’s thesis advisor)
Deadline : January 31rst 2014.




Deadline: January 31rst 2014.