Research Professorship in Time-Domain Astronomy of Variable Stars

Conny Aerts

Institute of Astronomy
Celestijnenlaan 200D
300q Leuven

The recent past has seen an immense revolution in stellar physics, driven by asteroseismic studies performed with the spacemissionsMOST, CoRoT, and Kepler in combination with ground-based high-precision spectroscopy and interferometry. This area of research will get further boosts the coming decade thanks to the K2, Gaia, TESS, and PLATO space missions as well as ground-based astronomy projects.

In light of these future activities, we are searching for a motivated scientist with international recognition in observational astronomy, and with outstanding capabilities of independent fundraising and people-management, to apply for a Research Professorship at KULeuven and join the Institute of Astronomy to build up his/her own team. Applicants need to have a PhD degree in astrophysics and at least three years of postdoctoral experience
by 1 October 2015, which is the starting date of the position. We expect applicants to be well embedded in international instrument consortia of relevance for studies of variability of stars, binaries, clusters, associations, and other time-variable phenomena in the Milky Way.

A KULeuven Research Professorship is a tenure-track or a permanent faculty position with a limited teaching assignment during the first five years, which gradually increases to a full teaching assignment after ten years.

This mail is a call for an Expression of Interest (EoI) to apply for such a position. Interested applicants should send a one-page motivation letter, the name and email address of three reference persons, and a full CV as a single PDF file to the director of IoA: Prof. Conny Aerts:, by 22 May 2014.

The staff members of IoA and the Board of the Department of Physics and Astronomy will
screen the EoIs, organise interviews, and select maximally three candidates to go through the university-wide competition led by the Research Council of KULeuven. The final decision whether the post will actually be filled depends on the ranking of candidates across all the faculties of the university. This decision will be taken in February 2015.




Deadline: 22 May 2014