PhD Studentships (STFC/Keele funding) in Astronomy/Astrophysics

Raphael Hirschi

Keele University
Astrophysics Group
School of Physical and Geographical Sciences
Lennard-Jones Laboratories

The Astrophysics Group at Keele University has several funded studentships (STFC/Keele funding) in astronomy/astrophysics to start in September 2015.

Possible projects include (title, main supervisor):
- Nuclear astrophysics: impact and sensitivity studies, Dr Raphael Hirschi
- Nucleosynthesis in rotating stars, Dr Raphael Hirschi
- Transiting extra-solar planets with WASP-South, Prof Coel Hellier
- High-precision studies of eclipsing binary stars observed using space telescopes (Southworth)
- Laboratory astrophysics at the Diamond Light Source, Prof Nye Evans
- Star formation and stellar ages from the Gaia-ESO Spectroscopic Survey (Prof. R. D. Jeffries)
- Outer solar system chemistry (Dr Jacco van Loon, Prof. A. Evans)
- Star formation in the Magellanic Clouds (Dr. Joana Oliveira)
- Atmospheric properties of A, F and G stars (Dr Barry Smalley)

Notes: applications open to EU students (non-EU students can apply for a self-funded PhD position). More information on the projects, the Keele astrophysics group and how to apply can be found here:

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Dr Raphael Hirschi
(PhD students coordinator)




Deadline: Closing Date 28th February 2015 (applications received by the deadline will receive first consideration)