Two PhD positions in asteroseismology of massive stars at Leuven University

Conny Aerts

Institute of Astronomy
Celestijnenlaan 200D
3001 Leuven

MAMSIE is an ERC Advanced Grant in stellar physics (2016-2020) with the aim to study mixing and angular momentum transport of massive blue stars. The project consists of several work packages and relies on the bridging of stellar modelling and 3D hydrodynamics. As part of the project, two PhD students will perform seismic modelling of OB-type stars based on non-radial oscillation modes detected in space photometry and/or ground-based data.
One PhD student will focus on the development and application of new modelling
tools for single OB-type gravity-mode pulsators. The other PhD student will
tackle the case of massive binary pulsators by performing multicolour photometry and spectroscopic monitoring with the aim to apply iterative binary and seismic modelling. Both PhD students will interact intensively with the MAMSIE postdocs, who will focus on the bridging of asteroseismology and 3D hydrodynamics. The MAMSIE PI, Conny Aerts, will act as PhD supervisor:

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Deadline: 25 February 2016