1) The submission process

The submission is a two-step process. After the text is entered, press the "Preview" button. You will then see a new screen with the text formatted exactly as it will appear on our website. At this point, nothing has been submitted yet. If changes are required, hit the "Back" button, and modify as desired. Then press "Preview" again. Once you are happy with the appearance, press "Submit". Once the text has been submitted, no changes can be made any longer. If you must change your submission, you should contact the webmaster.

Your posted job offer will be immediately accessible on the website. It will also be sent to all subscribers by email. Note that this subscription is independent of the Massive Star Newsletter subscription.

When the next Massive Star Newsletter is compiled, your job offer will automatically be included in the distribution. There is no need to email your job offer to the Newsletter editor.

2) What can be submitted

We encourage any submission of interest to the Massive Star community.

3) The formatting process

You may enter your posting in any text based format, including symbols used by LaTex. Our abstract website does not do any LaTex processing prior to posting the submissions. Therefore your abstract will have the same appearance as an abstract on astro-ph. We will, however, process all abstracts for the compilation of the bi-monthly Newsletter. Our processor will embed your abstract in an appropriate style file and add it to all other submissions. If you used a AAS compliant style, all your LaTex symbols will show up nicely in the Newsletter.

Use this simple rule of thumb when in doubt about the necessary LaTex commands: You are responsible for all Latex symbols within each input text box from the first to the last character. We will take care of commands which refer to the formatting of the input text as a whole. Example: the L$_\odot$ is your responsibility, whereas the \begin{center} for the title is ours.

Of course avoiding LaTex altogether is fine as well, and will not preclude the inclusion of your submission in the Newsletter.

4) Help on individual input fields

Code for submission (mandatory) - Type in the code (in correct upper/lower case format) that you received with the last newsletter issue or send an email to the webmaster, web.wgms AT googlemail.com, to get it.

Job title (mandatory) - enter the job title.

Contact person (mandatory) - enter the name of the person offering the job.

Institute (mandatory) - enter the affiliation of the person above including the address.

Job description (mandatory) - enter the job description. If you use a carriage return at the end of a line, the following word will be on a new line in the formatted text. If you prefer your text to be justified, do not use a carriage return. Paragraphs can be separated by two carriage returns.

Attention or comments (optional) - enter the person in charge of the application process or any comments you wish to add.

Weblink (optional) - enter a link to any web address that is related to this submission.

Contact email (mandatory) - enter a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation to this email after a successful submission.

Deadline (optional) - enter the closing date for applications.