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The field of massive stars is in a golden age, with exciting, ground- breaking results filling all major journals. The goal of IAU Commision is to focus our research and to help keep the community abreast of the most recent results.

A second, not less important goal is to consolidate the community of researchers working in the field of massive stars by providing an efficient means of communication.

This effort began with the launch of the Hot Star Newsletter, which was created in 1994 by Philippe Eenens. Philippe still serves as the editor, together with Raphael Hirschi. He also launched the original web site in 1995. In the same year, he founded the Working Group, which was officially recognized by the IAU during the General Assembly in 1997.

In the framework of a general reorganization of the IAU, the Massive Star Working Group was turned into an IAU Commission at the IAU General Assembly in 2015. We are part of the IAU Division G Stars and Stellar Physics. The Organizing Committee provides oversight and coordinates initiatives.