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The Massive Star Newsletter


The Massive Star Newsletter is edited by Philippe Eenens and Raphael Hirschi and publishes abstracts and other information relevant to massive star research. Specifically, we welcome

(1) abstracts of refereed articles accepted by astronomical journals;
(2) abstracts of refereed articles submitted to astronomical journals;
(3) abstracts of non-refereed papers to be published in conference proceedings;
(4) abstracts of completed Ph.D. or master theses for dissemination to a broader readership.

We also accept announcements relevant to massive star research, e. g., scientific initiatives, observing campaigns, conferences, job advertisements, or the public availability of databases.

The Newsletter covers the study of massive stars, both individually and in resolved and unresolved populations. Such stars populate the upper part of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. While on the main-sequence, these stars are spectroscopically identified as types O and early B, while later evolutionary stages encompass supergiants and Wolf-Rayet stars. We are also interested in studies of some stars of lower mass, which may show many features similar or related to those present in massive stars, and thus may improve our understanding of the physical processes occurring in massive stars.


Abstracts and other information can be submitted at any time using the Submission Interface on this website. Where appropriate, abstracts may be submitted to other newsletters as well.

We may edit submissions if we spot a mistake or for style reasons but it is the responsability of the authors to ensure that the look and content of their abstract is suitable for direct publication. This can be checked easily during submission stage since the abstract will look the same in the newsletter as on the website. We may edit announcements such that we highlight certain information, format them differently, or shorten them if needed.

If the text and/or figures of the whole paper are available on your web site or on a preprint server, you are encouraged to give the URL so our readers can access it.


The Newsletter is circulated bi-monthly via e-mail to our list of subscribers. We do not send hardcopies.

In addition, current and back issues of the Newsletter are freely available from our web site. We also provide immediate access to individual abstracts as submitted by WG members. The submitted abstracts are subsequently published in the forthcoming Newsletter issue. By providing rapid access, we are attempting an astro-ph-like scheme for literature related to massive stars.


Subscription to the Massive Star Newsletter is free, and we welcome new subscribers at any time. Subscription requests can be submitted on our Subscription Page. This page also allows subscribers to cancel their subscriptions.

Anyone can subscribe to the Newsletter. Subscribers do not need to be affiliated with an astronomy department, research institute, or observatory. Interested amateurs are welcome as subscribers as well although the Newsletter is directed at professionals working specifically on the massive stars.

We rely upon our subscribers to provide us with correct e-mail addresses and to notify us when addresses change. While we attempt to follow up on bounced messages, we do not have the resources to research changed e-mail addresses. Addresses that bounce repeatedly will be removed from the mailing list. If you notice that you no longer receive the Newsletter, you may have to re-subscribe or send an inquiry to the webmaster: web.wgms AT googlemail.com.

Our mailing list is not made public.