1) The registration process

The registration is a two-step process. After the text is entered, press the "Preview" button. You will then see a new screen with the submitted text as it will be used in the directory. At this point, nothing has been registered yet. If changes are required, hit the "Go Back" button, and modify as desired. Then press "Preview" again. Once you are happy with the appearance, press "Submit". Once the text has been submitted, no changes can be made any longer. If you must change your submission, you should contact web.wgms AT googlemail.com .

Your registered data will be immediately accessible without password on the website. In the email addresses, the symbol "@" is replaced for security.

2) Who can/should register

We encourage any scientist with an interest in the Massive Star community to register.

3) Help on individual input fields

Firstname(s) (mandatory) - enter here your firstname(s).

Lastname(s) (mandatory) - enter here your last/family name(s). This field is used to sort out the directory alphabetically.

Affiliation(s) (mandatory) - enter your affiliation(s).

Research topics (mandatory) - enter your research topics using keywords. If you use a carriage return at the end of a line, the following word will be on a new line in the formatted text. If you prefer your text to be justified, do not use a carriage return.

Weblink (optional) - enter a link to your webpage. Other people can then access your webpage by clicking on your name in the directory.

Email (mandatory) - enter a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation to this email after a successful registration.