Results for Organizing Committee (OC) election

In the recent election for the 7 open slots on the Organizing Committee of the IAU Massive Star Working Group, the following candidates are among the top 7 vote recipients and are thus duly elected to the OC:

Paul Crowther
Margaret Hanson
Artemio Herrero
Claus Leitherer
Joachim Puls
Gregor Rauw
Rich Townsend

The election is for a 3-year term (till fall 2012), with service for a second 3-year term at the member's discretion.

I congratulate the winning candidates and welcome them to the OC.

They replace retiring members Alex Fullerton, Gloria Koenigsberger, Phil Massey and Georges Meynet, whom I thank for their service.

Continuing OC members include Norbert Langer, Nicole St-Louis, and myself, Stan Owocki.

Stan Owocki, Chair