Gaia Data Access: Usage Scenarios: Request for Input from the Community

As announced and discussed at the GREAT Plenary Meeting PM4 in Brussels ( - the Gaia Archive Preparation group and Gaia Science Team are currently in the process of refining the requirements for the access to the Gaia Data Products.

From this, the Gaia DPAC ( will be implementing the systems required to give access to the rich Gaia data products, through the Gaia Archive.

The pages at provide public information as to the nature of Gaia data, the planning and development of the Gaia archive and access systems, and give a chance for the community to participate in the development process, through for instance providing example science scenarios for how they might wish to utilise and access the data.

If you wish to add your 'use cases' describing how you would wish to access Gaia Data - then please visit and add your data access scenario(s) to one of the topic areas:

* GDAS-BR: Browsing and qualitative exploration: including simple usages of first-time users
* GDAS-SA: Science alerts
* GDAS-ED: Early data access: thus access to data from the first releases
* GDAS-EG: Extra Galactic science
* GDAS-GA: Galactic science
* GDAS-ST: Stars and Stellar Physics science
* GDAS-SO: Solar System science
* GDAS-FP: Fundamental Physics science
* GDAS-PR: Public outreach for the non-astronomer/non-scientist
* GDAS-OA: Other and advanced usage scenarios

Those usage scenarios received before *Thursday 25 Nov 2011* will receive full consideration when developing the technical requirements for the development of the Gaia Archive.

We encourage you to add your use cases, and comments, to help us ensure that the best possible Gaia archive is developed.


Nicholas Walton, Timo Prusti, Francois Mignard

(GREAT co-chair/ Gaia Project Scientist/ DPACE Chair)