Candidates and nominations for Organization Committee of IAU Working Group on Massive Stars

Dear members of the Working Group on Massive Stars,

time is running fast, and three years since the last election for our Organization Committee (OC) have past. According to our by-laws, 5 members have to leave (though they can be re-elected if nominated), namely

Paul Crowther
Claus Leitherer
Stan Owocki
Nicole St. Louis
and myself (Jo Puls, Chair)

Remaining OC members for the next three years are

Margaret Hanson
Artemio Herrero
Norbert Langer
Gegor Rauw
Rich Townsend

We are looking now for candidates!!!!

If you are interested in promoting our science, please step forward. Also, if you know suited candidates (and have insured yourself that they would agree to 'serve'), please nominate them.

Please note that OC members *must* be IAU members!!!

For candidates and nominations, please contact me via email:

uh101aw AT

latest until Nov. 7th.

The election will take place during mid November, and the new OC will begin its work with the new year. First action will be voting for a new chair.

Hope to receive lots of responses,

with best regards,

Jo Puls (Chair of OC MSWG)