Result of the MSWG-OC election

Dear members of the MSWG,

The deadline for the OC election of the Working Group on Massive Stars (MSWG) passed last week, and I am pleased to report that there was a healthy turnout (74 voters) with the following elected to the OC, or re-elected in the case of NSL (in alphabetical order)

Chris Evans
John Hillier
Lida Oskinova
Nicole St. Louis
Jorick Vink

The composition of the new OC from Jan 2013 is as follows (* newbies):

*Chris Evans, Margaret Hanson, Artemio Herrero, *John Hillier, Norbert Langer, *Lida Oskinova, Gregor Rauw, Nicole St Louis, Rich Townsend, *Jorick Vink

The new OC will vote for a new Chair (in Jan 2013), and we will keep you informed about the result.

With best regards,

Jo Puls (old Chair) and the (old) OC of the MSWG