A Spectroscopic Campaign on WR 134, WR 135, and WR 137

We are announcing that the large "Pro-Am" campaign to spectroscopically study the variability in 3 WR stars will start on May 17, continuing through September 17 of this year. We have received several telescope allocations, including a 4-month span at the IAC 0.8m (with only a few nights devoted to other projects) and a few allocations of a few weeks. A team of amateur spectroscopists will be observing both at the IAC as well as their small telscopes to study the CIRs and clumps in these stars to create a long, intense time-series. We welcome additional contributors if you have the availability and telescope time.

Weblink: http://www.stsci.de/wr134/index.htm

Email: richardson@astro.umontreal.ca