VLTI Observatory survey at High ANgular resolution of Active OB stars

Dear colleagues,

we would like to announce a public, interferometric survey of the gaseous circumstellar environments of hot stars. The survey is a bad weather/filler program currently carried out by the VLTI group at the Paranal observatory. The targets are selected from three classes: Be stars, supergiants and LBVs, and interacting binaries. The data are taken with the AMBER instrument in high spectral resolution setting (R=12000). The data are available immediately through the ESO archive. Quick-look reductions are published soon after and can be obtained from a dedicated forum: http://activebstars.iag.usp.br/index.php/forum/ohana

Read more, including the proposal, at http://activebstars.iag.usp.br/index.php/34-ohana

We hope the data will be useful.

Best regards,
Willem-Jan de Wit, Thomas Rivinius, and the Paranal VLTI group

Weblink: http://activebstars.iag.usp.br/index.php/34-ohana

Email: triviniu@eso.org