OC announcement: turning our Working Group into an IAU Commission

dear Massive Stars Working Group members,

last year, after some discussion our working group took
the decision to transform into an IAU commission.
This idea was hold on standby, as at the same time the IAU
initiated a process to re-organize their divisions and commissions.

Now, the IAU has started the process of Commissions reform.
You can find all details in the IAU announcement:


The Organizing Committee of our working group will submit a Letter of Intent
by October 15th, 2014, proposing a Massive Stars Commission. From that date
and up to January 31st, 2015 IAU members will have the opportunity to indicate
their preferences for the different Commissions in an electronic poll.
These preferences might quite likely play a role in the final Commissions
selection by the IAU Executive Committee (15-17 April 2015).

Becoming an IAU Commission will give us more weight in IAU decisions
(like Symposia and meetings approval) and other advantages,
and will give our community more visibility.

It is thus important that all IAU members of the Massive Stars Working Group
support the Massive Stars Commission proposal by joining this electronic poll
later this year (the OC will issue an announcement when the process starts).
If you are not an IAU member you won't be able to participate in the poll.

Moreover, Commission members have to be IAU members (a requisite that does not
hold for working group members). We will seek a mechanism for non-IAU
members to continue being involved in the possible new Commission,
but nevertheless if you are not an IAU member but fulfill the IAU requisites,
it is recommended that you apply for IAU membership.

If you wish to become IAU member, please contact your IAU national representatives
asap. The admission of new members takes place in the General Assembly
and the previous process needs quite some time. Therefore, if you are not already
IAU member, you won't be able to take part in the poll indicated above, but you
may later become member of the possible new commission, if this is approved.

Artemio Herrero
chair, on behalf of the MSWG-Organizing Committee


Email: ahd@iac.es