Massive Star Workshop 2016/17 -- Announcement and input request

dear colleagues,

the Organizing Committee of the Massive Star Working Group, together with John Eldridge (in the following, OC refers to both) is preparing the proposal for our next Massive Stars Workshop, that will take place in New Zealand.
After some discussion, the OC decided to have the meeting at the end of 2016, in the week from November 28 to December 2.

As we want to get support from the IAU, we have to write a Letter of Interest. For Symposia to be held in 2016, the deadline for LoIs is September 15, 2014.
This LoI has to contain some information, in particular about the scientific content of the Symposium.

We are a group interested on massive stars, so massive stars will be our main scientific focus. But massive stars have many related or adjacent fields,and to remain an open community, involved with the rest of Astrophysics,we want to also dedicate some time (1-1,5 out of our 4,5 workshop days) to one of these fields. The OC thought that participation of the whole group in this decission would be a positive innitiative.

Therefore we ask you to send comments and opinions about which field of astrophysics should complement our meeting. To mention just a few examples, you could support to have some time for Supernovae, the cosmic reionization, starburst, HII regions, massive star forming regions... (or a combination of them).

Comments can be sent through the massive stars facebook page or to a dedicated email account we have set:
In the first case, OC members already in facebook will collect and synthesize the input and in the second case, the whole OC will have direct acces to the emails received. After input by the community, the OC will take a decision on the complementary subject and write a proposal for the IAU.

As the IAU deadline is September 15, we ask those interested in participating to send their comments before August 15.

best regards,
Artemio Herrero
chair, on behalf of the Massive Stars Organizing Committee