Proposed IAU Commission on Stellar Magnetism

In the context of the IAU Commission renewal process, a new Commission on Stellar Magnetism has been proposed.

To quote from the Letter of Intent: "Considering the diverse and universal impact of stellar magnetism on the physics of stars, the clear scientific and societal importance of major unsolved problems in the field (e.g. the solar dynamo, space weather), and the large, broad international community engaged in this field, we propose the organization of a Commission on Stellar Magnetism with the aim of facilitating progress in understanding all aspects of stellar magnetism and activity, and in particular to coordinate international efforts in this regard. We welcome all individuals interested in pursuing the goals of the Commission."

Over 50 new Commissions have been proposed, including 8 in Division G ("Stars and Stellar Physics").

Members of the IAU should have recently received an email invitation to vote for up to 3 of the proposed commissions as part of an "Expression of Interest" activity.

We invite Massive Stars WG members to review the proposed Stellar Magnetism Commission LOI.