Athena Science Working Groups

Dear Colleagues,

ESA is currently studying the next generation X-ray observatory called Athena to be launched in 2028. Approximately 1 year ago the Athena Science Study Team (ASST) issued a call for membership of the Athena Working Groups who assist ESA in this exercise.

To ensure that all interested scientists, willing to dedicate some time to the preparation of Athena, have an opportunity to participate, ASST has recently re-opened the application process at the following web site:

The Working Groups are divided into a number of sub-panels (Topical Panels) covering specific subject areas. In particular, Topical Panel SWG3.2 deals with "Star formation and evolution" and addresses the science relevant for massive stars research.
New candidates are expected to apply for membership of a single Topical Panel. In exceptional circumstances, you may request membership of two panels, but in this case you are asked to provide a justification.

The deadline for applications is 31 December 2015. Applications will be assessed soon after this with the aim to appoint new members in February 2016.

Thanks for your support.

Gregor Rauw, co-chair of topical panel SWG3.2