Call for next Massive Star Meeting organization

Dear Colleagues,

After the fantastic meeting in Auckland (thanks to JJ Eldridge and the whole organizing team) we have to start preparing the next Massive Stars Meeting. We expect this to take place some time in 2020.

With this call the Organizing Committee (OC) of our Massive Stars Commission invites any interested individuals/institutions to send an email before September 1st, 2017 expressing an interest in organizing the next meeting. IAU has the final authority to select a symposium, but the Massive Star Commission OC will support one application based on a number of criteria. Once selected, the OC will assist the meeting organizer in the whole application to IAU process, including preparation and submission, SOC selection, etc. Our criteria for selection include:

- the meeting location (traditionally, our group prefers locations near a beach with a relaxed atmosphere that encourages personal contacts)
- the availability of hotels with large conference rooms (at least 200 people) and meeting facilities at affordable prices
- the support of a local astronomical community
- the balance of locations hosting all our previous meetings

If possible, your email to the OC should contain the following information:

- A list of local volunteers willing to help organizing the meeting
- A list of hotels that can guarantee accommodation of at least 200 participants, and with appropriate conference facilities
- Approximate hotel room prices
- Approximate distance from the nearest airport to the meeting venue/hotel
- Alternative sponsors or ways to support the meeting
- The best dates for the meeting, and/or black out dates
(because of school holidays or high touristic season, etc.)
- Add any other information you consider will be useful to OC.

The email should be sent directly to the President of the Commission, Artemio Herrero (

The massive stars meeting is one of the central pillars of
our community and therefore the OC thanks in advance anyone interested in organizing this important meeting.

with best regards,
Artemio Herrero,
on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the G2 Commission