Selma de Mink awarded the EAS MERAC Prize -- Congratulations

Our colleague, Dr. Selma de Mink from the University of Amsterdam was awarded the MERAC Prize in Theoretical Astrophysics of the European
Astronomical Society (EAS) for her contributions to the understanding of the role of massive binaries.
The Executive Committee of the Massive Stars Commission proudly congratulates
Selma for this well deserved achievement, that enlightens our whole field of
research. Selma gave an excellent & inspiring talk during the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS) in Prague, emphasizing to a broad audience of Astrophysicists, the role of massive stars for our understanding of the Universe. Thanks, Selma, and congratulations!

the Massive Stars Commission Executive Committee
(A. Herrero, J. Vink, N. St-Louis, G. Rauw, A. ud-Doula, Y. Hua-Chu, J. Groh)